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Welcome to the Darcy Social Lemmy instance. We're still in the process of setting everything up properly. That means things like email notifications, the right communities, admin and moderation duties, setting up policies and a code of conduct. Also, this is as of yet a private instance, but we will federate eventually.

How To Make The Fediverse Your Own
A general introduction into the things one should do when creating a Fediverse instance - from legal entities, code of conducts and technology.

Introducing the concept of the "Trust Thermocline"
A super interesting and useful concept, especially in a federated environment. This applies to evaluating how the moderation works in other instances, trust in the core software, and so on.

The MastoDDoS Effect
One of the side effects of Federation is that sharing a link widely unintentionally DDoSes the target, as every Mastodon server at once tries to grab a preview of that link. It's something that needs to get resolved, hopefully before we break too much.

The Bedroom to Broadcast Scale of communication spaces
Sharing this because I think it is a useful metaphor to talk about reach and privacy: To design a social space, we have to reflect on what kind of space we want to create. I myself like to explain how we think certain spaces work with a series of analogies I call “Bedroom to Broadcast”.

The Whiteness of Mastodon
Justin Hendrix and Dr. Johnathan Flowers talk about what makes Black Twitter unique, how they and other communities use Twitter, and what challenges they face within the Fediverse.

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